Brainstorm's Beloved Briefcase
Another Head canon because Brainstorm is a cutie: I can see him getting into the model ship hobby like rung. Only he would mod the frick-frack out of them.He would be the guy that buys two different models, deconstructs them and uses the parts to build something completely different.He’s a little embarrassed, thinking he’s too much of a professional to be messing with such ‘trite’ things, but that doesn’t stop him from asking Rung’s opinion on color coordination. In secret, of course.

((Hmm, not certain about the model ship thing, but I do have my Brainstorm as creating a lot of constructs. It’s the same basic principle, as he once built them out of rejected parts from his old projects, but puts more proper materials into them now.  

((It’s an adorable headcanon that I could see possibly for canon Brainstorm, but probably not for mine. But he definitely would be that guy to mix and match, probably more than two though. I can see him buying five different sets, and only finishing two, so he can put the spare parts towards others when he gets more kits. And obsessing about the security of the pictures when he sends them to Rung- don’t want to be considered unprofessional by Perceptor!))

Head Canon: During their time on Kimia, Chromedome started a tradition of accompanying Brainstorm to Room 113- providing a bit of moral support for his friend. And after Brainstorm’s weapon fails to pass protocol and is rejected, Chromedome would usher him over to the rec room so they could get blasted on high grad and think of even more horrible weapons. Chromedome does this jokingly, Brainstorm…not so much…

((*happy wriggling* Headcanon accepted!

((I love the idea of Chromedome being that supportive friend, and Brainstorm taking things too literally. This is entirely too cute, and will be referenced in a thread at some point.))

Post the CUTEST Headcanons you can think for my muses. If they’re adorable enough, I’ll make them canon!


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A growl crawled through his heavily accented vocals. Crimson optical light began to glow brighter; hotter. Impatience was edging into indignation as his integrity was being pitted against morals that were never inherent on the battlefront on either side of the civil war..

You are trying to paint those who did not survive on Kimia as harmless, unsuspecting casualties. You were all aligned with the Autobots. You were not unaffiliated. Therefore it matters not who you were or whether you were capable of combat. You were still the enemy.”

"The Decepticons were not the only ones who forewent mercy on those you are claiming should have had it. Or shall we forget the Wreckers entirely? I am certain that we do not need to recount the tales concerning that particular group, correct?"


”..So, do not subscribe me to your loosely enforced, entirely convenient Autobot morality, Brainstorm. I am not interested.”

Brainstorm squared his shoulders sin response to the growl, digits tightening even more on the ‘pad. His optics burned a bit brighter as he fought down the side of him that wanted to do nothing more than run. 


“In that situation, yes, most of the mechs on Kimia were harmless. Our faction is irrelevant- you sent a bunch of front liners against noncombatants. Have I said that term enough? Noncombatant.

“I haven’t forgotten about The Wreckers. The incident your talking about was after a team of powerful Decepticons was subdued, and Impactor spent time in Garus Nine for what he did. You want to know what happened after, try talking to Fort Max.”

“Are we having two conversations here? Again, this is about honor, not morality. You said those you killed had an honorable death. Tell me how my colleagues fit into that category of honorable, or how their death doesn’t reflect negatively on yours as the one that lead the assault.”

x-; Brainstorm? Are you busy lately? I was wondering if Oberyn and I could stop by. ;-x




::I’m not today. Come on over, I’d love to see how Oberyn’s progressing.::

Brainstorm taps the console to open the bulkhead, and sets down the circuit map he was working on. The new workshop’s much larger than his last, though not as vertical, with a wide and open center space for large assemblies. It’s currently only occupied by a few crates, and a 3D printer that’s just finishing a chair. 

"Blurr," he pulls tests if the polymer’s set yet with a digit, "How are you?" it’s not ready yet, but it will be shortly.

Blurr gave a light shrug. He supposed he was doing all right. He was attempting it, anyway. He glanced towards Brainstorm, then pat Oberyn on the head. The giant dire wolf moved forward and nudged against the other Autobot. He seemed quite happy to see him and nudged his servo to insist on being pet.

"I’m all right, I guess," he replied dully, walking inside.

"Sorry to hear things are boring." 

The nudge from the wolf didn’t go unnoticed, and Brainstorm turned from the chair. He greeted the creation with coos, and scratching him behind the audial fins with both servos.

"And how are you? Everything still in working condition?" he activated some sensors. just to see if there was anything he could notice out right.



His gaze was momentarily drawn to the datapad clenched in the inventor’s servos. It would not have been unexpected if the mech decided to launch it at his helm..

He lifted his optics back to Brainstorm’s, his tone tight under his growing impatience.


"You are attempting to minimize Kimia’s position in the war by things meant to appeal to emotion; things that are irrelevant. If it had not been for those ‘great minds’, Brainstorm, the Autobots would not have been at the advantage that they had been.

"Armed or not, together you were all a key player. The siege on Kimia was strategic. Attack the Autobots’ major weapon supply, and then take control of the the single most destructive weapon in the facility - Kimia itself.

"You were not off limits. You were, in fact, one of the most significant targets."

The datapad isn’t likely going anywhere. It’s going to stay in his servos, resisting the greatest force he can exert on it. The pain of his sensors at max is likely the only thing keeping him out of a flashback.

"And you are trying to change the subject. This isn’t about Kimia’s significance in the war, or about its strategic advantage. This is about the fact that Kimia was a slaughter. Tell me, how many were able to put up any form of resistance?”

"Tell me about ‘honor’. Tell me how a mech getting torn to pieces by your sweep’s denta fits in there. How about gunning down fleeing noncombatants? I’d love to hear."

The engineer snorted and rolled his optics, “Gee, I’m so flattered.” He would be later, once he cooled down.



The warrior stared at Brainstorm, crimson-lit gaze unflinching. He was ever a vision of cold stoicism when he finally responded, his tone deceptively calm.

"You think you and your deceased co-workers innocent..? You, who designed and manufactured weapons, defense mechanisms, advanced security systems, and entire frame modifications for those of the Autobot faction?"


"Do not fool yourself. You may not have been on the battlefield, but you designed the weapons and methods of warfare implemented. You were as much a perpetrator of the war as the soldiers you equipped with your technology.”

 That cold detachment sets Brainstorm on the edge in no small way. Cyclonus wasn’t insulting him, he was writing off all that was lost that day. He grips his datapad tighter, optics flashing.

"That excuses the blatant execution of unarmed mecha? I can’t think of anyone who’s stupid enough to claim innocence-  it was a war. And yes, we contributed, but we were removed from it. And you know what, some of us were on the battle field- before you brought one to us- but not enough to be notable by any stretch of the imagination."

"We lost some of Cybertron’s greatest minds that day, and if telling yourself all those you killed died ‘honorably’ lets you recharge, I can’t stop you. Your thoughts don’t change the truth."


YOU should have died; you know. You should have died in that rust pit of a reality; not the others. There were so many more who deserved life; but you were the one who got it. You should've died there. Not them.


"I retain no remorse for adhering to the commands I was bestowed, Anonymous. Those who fell by my servo were gifted with an honourable death."

"Is that what you consider Kimia?"


"The slaughter of a city’s worth of scientists, engineers, and researchers- most of whom had never touched a weapon outside of training or design- honorable?"

((13, 30, 50, 62, 75!))

((13. Do you become jealous easily?))

"It depends on the relationship, and if rules had been set." 

In other words, yes. If he’s with someone, he likes to know they’re his, and his alone. Of course, he would respect the same if that happened. If it’s more than a two mech relationship, then he expects equality with the other members. However, if there is no set relationship boundaries, he won’t mind, as he has no place to be. 

((30. Have you ever considered modifications? If so, what would you change about your frame?))

"Why would I need any more modifications?"

Brainstorm already has a lot of mods on his frame. The most notable are a storage crystal in the back of his helm where he stores all non-essencial data, a cooling system given to him by Shockwave, and a perfectly reasonable amount of integrated weaponry.

((50. If your first fling knocked on your door with an apology and presents, would you accept?))

"I… No."

Brainstorm’s never really had any flings, due to how interfacing works in his home ‘verse. However, his first sweetheart was a shuttle, who did not approve of his ventures into science when he was still a data courier. Upon his acceptance to the academy, he severed things in a rather final way. 

((62. What is the sexiest thing someone could do for/to you?))

"Trust me." 

Simple enough, since interfacing is trust-based for him. That, and not many mechs would. 

((75. What is something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?))

"I always have projects I need to work on, and I wouldn’t mind some help." 

If someone respects his work, they’re acknowledging his contributions as meaningful. That’s a big thing for him, as Brainstorm values himself by his contributions.