Brainstorm's Beloved Briefcase


[meme]: "Primus damnit, Intended, I will--"



"Shove me against a wall and snog me into silence?"

"—not stand for anymore ludicrous security implemented meant solely to bar me from your workshop.”

Cyclonus’ words tapered off until he was staring at the weapons engineer in awkward silence.

”..Hn. Close enough.”

Brainstorm glared at the warrior over his datapad, finishing the paragraph he was on before rolling his optics.

"Don’t be so narcissistic. Believe it or not, my security measures are there for more than just you. Most of my work is dangerous, or at least unstable."


Current wip of helmets uwu Mine’s on the right (Cyclonus) and Rodimusstars (Left) for Brainstorm-mum. Her helmet is more completed as they were able to work on it more, I was working on feets and other things for cyclonus and started the helmet yesterday in paper. I have to do the top of Cyc’s head and his horns of course, then seal,bondo and paint it before I can put in the black mesh and LED eyes.
His front crest looks huge but half of his head is missing xD That will be fixed for sure~
Just a current WIP for now ;)
[meme]: "Primus damnit, Intended, I will--"

"Shove me against a wall and snog me into silence?"

Send me a fraction of a sentence and my muse will finish it!


"We finish each other’s-"

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First person to submit a wedding ring to me gets to marry me for a week.



"Is that more exciting?"

"That depends on your definition."

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"Then I get to see the new weapons you're making for the crew?"

"No weapons. Shockwave’s transferred me to energy development."

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